California ranks among top sexiest accents in America


Who has the sexiest accent in America? 

Hint: it’s also known as the Lone Star State.

Travel site Big 7 Travel compiled the list by asking its 1.5 million social audience about the sexiest and least sexy accents travelers have encountered. 

The sexiest accent in the United States is a Texas drawl (“Southern accent with a twist”), according to the survey, while the least sexy is a Long Island accent.

California came in at No. 10. 

If you’re wondering what a “California accent” is, the survey described it as sounding “similar to General American” but “vowels are super long.”

“So yep, dude really does become duuuuuuude,” the survey said. 

Here are the top 10: 

1. Texas

2. Bostonian

3. New York

4. Mainer

5. Chicago

6. Mississippi

7. Hawaiian

8. Philadelphia

9. St. Louis

10. Californian

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