Caught on Camera: Police therapy dog steals Christmas toys intended for children


(CNN) — The Franklin Police Department has been collecting toys for children ahead of the holidays for the Santa Foundation.

“We’ve had several officers that have worked very hard to make sure that some of the kids in town and the community that have needs will have something to open on Christmas,” said Franklin Police Deputy Chief James Mill. 

When a couple toys went missing, they quickly identified a suspect and caught him on camera in the act.

“When they saw him walking out of the classroom they were like what is he doing?” Mill said. 

Officers recorded as Ben Franklin their therapy Golden Retriever tries to evade officers holding a stolen baby doll.

Officers pursued him and found evidence of past crimes.

“The facility is locked down so we knew it was pretty simple to figure out it was Ben. 

When Ben saw the toys he thought they all belonged to him,” Mill said. 

It was an easy solution. 

Ben is now banned from this room, though he’s gotten his slobber all over them at this point so the police department has replaced them.

Ben didn’t deny the crime.

In fact he seems quite proud of it, but it’s unlikely he will face charges.

“He has the run of the station and its amazing, its amazing he’s like that guy who shows up to the party that everyone loves and seriously if Ben walks in its like a ray of sunshine,” Mill said.

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