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CDC warns against holiday travel as COVID-19 cases soar


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Thanksgiving is fast approaching, the CDC is warning against traveling for the holiday as COVID-19 cases are soaring across the country.

TSA says Friday and Saturday were the busiest days since the pandemic brought air travel to a near halt in March.

A personal decision that comes with a risk.

“I haven’t seen family this whole year and it was just – I just wanted to see them,” Max Medozile said.

Medozile isn’t worried about flying during the pandemic despite the CDC’s plea not to fly for the holiday.

“Of course I took precautions and have my hand sanitizer, masks and all that but flying is not as bad as people say as long as you protect yourself you know,” he said.

The CDC says most viruses and germs do not spread easily on flights because of how air circulates and is filtered on airplanes but it’s the lack of social distancing on crowded flights – sitting close for hours that may increase your risk of getting COVID-19.

Triple A believes those flying will drop 48 percent but nationwide TSA saw a busy stretch on friday and Saturday since before the pandemic – including at SFO.

But Sunday afternoon, we saw empty terminals but airport officials say the crowds come in waves, busier in the mornings and late afternoons.

Travelers could be seen taking extra precautions.

“We still travel for emergency, it’s not for pleasure most of the time you go for emergency,” one traveler said.

It’s not just the potential transmission inflight health officials are worried about, the CDC warns small household gatherings are an important contributor to the rise in COVID cases.

Travelers returning to the Bay Area from out of state are advised to self quarantine.

If you must fly over the holidays, airlines are doing what they can to keep passengers safe.

Delta will keep blocking middle seats through March. Masks are required inflight but keep in mind they can come off for meals.

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