SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Chanel Miller, the survivor at the center of the highly controversial 2015 Stanford rape case involving Brock Turner, released a short film on Tuesday detailing the aftermath of the trial.

Titled “I Am With You,” the animated short features Miller as the narrator as well as writer and illustrator.

“When you are assaulted, an identity is given to you. It threatens to swallow up everything you plan to do and be. I became Emily Doe,” Miller says in a voiceover as animations appear on camera. “Assault teaches you to shrink, makes you afraid to exist. Shame, really, can kill you.”

The film reveals what Miller was going through during that tumultuous time of her life and how she learned to cope with it all.

“Nobody wants to be defined by the worst thing that’s happened to them,” Miller says. “No one gets to define you. You do. You do. My name is Chanel, and I am with you.” 

The short film comes on the same day that her memoir “Know My Name” is also released.

Full short:

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