Chicago White Sox pay for funeral of team’s biggest fan who died at 112


CHICAGO (CNN) — A man who lived longer than a century will now get a proper farewell, thanks in part to his favorite baseball team.

The Chicago White Sox have stepped in to help pay for the funeral of CP Crawford.

Crawford was a fan who loved the team his whole life — all 112 years of it.

Crawford’s life began in Jackson, Mississippi in 1907.

At just 4-years-old he started working in the fields picking cotton.

Then at 13, he got his first job.

It’s one of the many stories he has told Sheila Huff about his childhood.

“He said his first job was washing dishes at a cafe. And then he went on to tell me about how he went on to work at the railroad and you know and then that’s what brought him to Chicago,” said Huff, who works at Tri State Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. 

Huff works as the activity director at Tri State Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Lansing, Illinois.

“I would see him everyday. And you stop by and ‘hey CP how you doing’ and he would say ‘oh I’m doing fairly well,’” she said. 

Crawford spent the last five years of his life living at the center alone.

He was married three times and had six foster children but none of his own.

“Yes we were his family. Everyone there loved CP,” Huff said.

And she did her best every year, throwing him a party to celebrate his birthday.

This past one in August was special with help from his friend Andrew Holmes.

“He loves limousine rides,” Holmes said. 

Crawford was in for a surprise.

The limo sent to pick him up that day would take him to Guaranteed Rate Field for his 112th birthday.

“When we pulled up in front of the White Sox park, Guaranteed Rate field, he looked. You could see a little water about to come out of his eyes,” Sparks said. 

The die-hard White Sox fan lived for more than a century.

But has never been to a game.

So the organization rolled out the red carpet for him.

From walking out onto the field to meeting hall of famer Harold Baines to appearing on the jumbotron.

Crawford was a star.

Crawford would take his last breath in November.

But nearly a month later, still no funeral for Crawford.

For a man who has seen and lived through so much including segregation, Holmes say it isn’t right that the money isn’t there.

So we called and sent an email to Crawford’s favorite team.

The organization knew they had to do something to help their oldest fan, and agreed to cover the remainder of the cost, giving Crawford the proper burial he deserves.

Funeral arrangements are now the process of being finalized.

The services is set to take place at Gatlings Chapel in South Holland.

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