LOUISVILLE, Ky. (KRON) – If you’re diagnosed with coronavirus and refuse to stay home, instead choosing to ignore orders from doctors and city officials, you may be put on house arrest.

WCNC reports judges in Louisville are issuing court orders in an attempt to hold coronavirus patients who do not follow quarantine orders legally liable.

Additionally, corrections officers are being asked to distribute the GPS monitoring equipment to those who do not follow those orders.

Court documents obtained by WHAS11 FOCUS reveal Jefferson County citizens are being court-ordered to stay at home.

In that county one patient who tested positive for coronavirus went shopping March 21, court documents revealed.

Under state law, officials with Louisville’s public health department have the power to issue an “order of isolation,” which is then presented to a judge for approval.

The sheriffs then serve the order and a GPS monitoring device is put on the patient.

Those who leave their homes could be arrested or face charges, WCNC reports.

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