Couple married for 52 years eat same meal every day


DENVER, C.O. (CNN NEWSOURCE) – A story of enduring love. 

For 50 years, Rosemary and Homer Day have been by each others’ sides and now, that’s more important than ever.

They are enjoying every day together and doing so at the same place, with the same meal.

Right when the restaurant doors are unlocked, 78-year-old Homer Day and 80-year-old Rosemary Day are ready to begin their routine lunch date at Chili’s on Abiliene Street in Aurora.

Every single morning, Homer and Rosemary come to this Chili’s.

“It’s like the old tv show Cheers. Everybody knows our names,” Homer said. “She spent the first year at Chili’s, every day she would order the Old Timer Hamburger. Now currently she likes to come here and her main course is the children’s salad, green salad.”

With two hamburger sliders.

“We met in 1967 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Rosemary was worked at the telephone company and I did too,” Homer said. “We started dating and three months later we got married. We have two boys and a girl. We have four grandchildren.”

The past 12 months of their 52-year marriage have been the hardest.

“She has an illness that can’t be cured and uh beginning of Alzheimer’s,” Homer said. “Rosemary has a difficult time communicating. Feeding her is difficult, that’s why we come to Chili’s.”

This is one of the only meals Rosemary will eat now.

Homer says that’s due to the good food and staff that makes them feel welcome.

Homer says soon Rosemary will require more care than he can give.

“We currently are trying to find places where she eventually will have to be taken,” Homer said. 

But until then every morning at 11:30, they’ll be here.

“We’ve had a very exciting life,” Homer said. 

Enjoying their lunch date.

“I will be with her every single day until death do us part,” Homer said. 

And each moment, together.

Homer and Rosemary Day are truly a testament to life-long love.

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