Two managers at a Chicago CVS who were involved in an incident in which police were called over a coupon’s legitimacy are no longer working for the company, CVS announced Monday. 

CVS said in a tweet that the investigation into the incident is now complete. 

“We have sincerely apologized to Ms. Hudson for her experience in one of our Chicago stores… CVS Health does not tolerate any practices that discriminate against any customer and we are committed to maintaining a welcoming and diverse environment in our stores,” the statement said in part. 

Video of the incident was posted to Facebook by the woman in question, Camilla Hudson, showing CVS manager Morry Matson talking to police on the phone. 

The incident happened Friday night at a CVS on North Broadway. 

According to Hudson, she was trying to use a coupon for an item when the manager told her he could not accept it, then accused her of handwriting the coupon. 

Hudson was later contacted by CVS administrators who apologized to her over the incident.