A Wisconsin judge set a $1,000 bond Monday for a stepfather who police say shot children in his house with needle-tipped Nerf darts. 

33-year-old Brian Alexander is charged with multiple counts of felony child abuse. 

The kids ranged in age from 6 to 9-years-old. 

“He said ‘grandma if I have on a thin shirt it’ll go into my skin.’ He says ‘if I have on shorts it’ll go into my skin,” said the grandmother. 

People have posted YouTube videos demonstrating Nerf gun darts with needles. 

Authorities say Brian Alexander told investigators the children of his Portage area household were breaking house rules, and watching one of those videos. 

And he originally denied using these modified darts himself, but court records state Alexander ultimately admitted to firing these darts at the children.

The father of one of the victims says he hopes his son will be removed from his mother’s household.

“I don’t trust her anymore than I trust him.”

And the case’s criminal complaint says one victim reported his mother had seen Alexander use the needle darts and did nothing. 

The conditions of Alexander’s bail bar him from having unsupervised contact with the children.