(NEXSTAR) – Tired of having so many streaming apps? Disney’s CEO is hoping to cut back on that.

Disney currently offers three streaming services – Disney+, home to various Disney movies and shows; Hulu, offering Hulu originals and next-day episodes from multiple networks; and ESPN+, which has live sports, studio shows, and series.

By the end of the year, Disney is planning to create a “one-app experience,” to incorporate Hulu content with Disney+, CEO Bob Iger said during an earnings call Wednesday. He called it “a logical progression of our DTC [direct-to-consumer] offerings,” CNBC reports.

All three of Disney’s streaming services will continue to be stand-alone services, according to Iger.

Additionally, Disney plans to raise the cost of its ad-free Disney+ plan, which is currently $10.99. The cost for that tier, as well as others, was increased late last year.

Hulu subscription prices were also raised last year. Disney hasn’t yet said how much a subscription to the single app will be.

Viewers in some countries already find some Hulu content in the Disney+ app, according to The Verge.

Warner Bros. Discovery recently announced a similar plan to merge streaming service HBO Max with Discovery+, creating Max.

Disney’s announcement comes as the company reports strong second-quarter earnings propelled by theme parks and an improving streaming business. Still, the company lost 4 million streaming subscribers to its Disney+ service and its shares fell 4.5% in after-hours trading.

The entertainment giant, which is in the midst of a “strategic reorganization,” has been working on trimming about 7,000 jobs as part of a targeted $5.5 billion cost savings across the company.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.