Elon Musk cracks vulgar joke at Jeff Bezos’ ‘Blue Moon’ lander


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos on Thursday unveiled a moon lander developed by his space side company, Blue Origin. 

The lunar lander is named “Blue Moon.”

Bezos said his moon lander can help meet President Trump’s goal of sending astronauts becak to the lunar surface by 2024.

It didn’t take long for Bezos’ space company to catch the attention of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who also owns aerospace company SpaceX. 

Musk took a jab at Bezos’ newest venture, making a joke about the name on Twitter by sharing an image of the lander with the word “Moon” erased and replaced with the word “Balls.”

“Oh stop teasing, Jeff,” Musk tweeted along with a winking face emoji at the end. 

Both Bezos and Musk are pushing astronauts’ return to the moon. 

“It’s time to go back to the moon, and this time to stay,” Bezos said during the unveiling of the moon lander Thursday.

Last year, Musk announced SpaceX was sending its first private passenger on a trip around the moon. 

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