Family of young couple who died shielding 2-month-old baby in El Paso shooting mourns loss


EL PASO (CNN) – One family is heartbroken after losing two loved ones who died protecting their newborn during the El Paso shooting spree.

The Jamrowski family can’t hold back their tears as they recount the loss they are experiencing.

Misti and Paul Jamrowski’s son-in-law Andre Anchando and their daughter Jordan were two of 22 people killed by a suspected terrorist at an El Paso Walmart on Saturday.

“We pray a lot and uh, have a lot of family and friends, but you’re just broken. Like you go to call her and you forget that she’s not there,” said Misti Jamrowski, the mother of Jordan.

Leta and Ashley lost their sister and brother-in-law.

“It’s just it’s like her and Andre were my heart. It’s like I lost a part of me,” said Ashley.

Liz Terry and Jesse Jamrowski lost a niece and nephew.

5-year-old Skylin lost her mother and stepfather.

“I love my mom and dad,” Skylin said.

Her brother, 2-month-old Paul Gilbert, was in his mother’s arms when she crashed to the ground after being shot.

“The shooter had aimed at Jordan and Andre jumped in front of Jordan and the shooter shot Andre and the bullets went through Andre and hit Jordan,” said Jordan’s mother Misti.

Both were killed, leaving Paul Gilbert orphaned and injured.

“And the sad thing is, is that even with all of us.. it’s mom and dad… we can’t replace mom and dad. It’s just something you can’t replace,” said Paul Jamrowski, father of Jordan.

This is the devastating ripple effect of murder – the pain slicing across generations.

After all the hate spewed by the suspected gunman, the Jamrowskis say they are sticking to something else to get through the hurt: love, faith, and forgiveness.

Before they have even had a chance to bury the dead, they had a message for the killer.

“We forgive him. We honestly forgive him. We pray for him. Um, we, we hope that he finds God because God teaches you to be loving,” said Misti.

The baby’s fingers were broken, but he is out of the hospital and with family.

The couple also had a 2-year-old child.

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