People love Keanu Reeves…a lot. 

Reeves has made headlines in recent weeks for several reasons, from his reaction to finding out he’s the “internet’s boyfriend” to memes showing how Reeves has mastered the art of not touching women. 

Now fans have created and signed petitions to Time Magazine pleading for Reeves to be named 2019’s “Person of the Year.”

There are several petitions in several languages circulating regarding the request. 

One in English created by a “John Doe” says “Keanu is the most wholesome person alive.”

Another petition in Spanish created by Richard Salazar also praises Reeves and translated says in part he “has proven to be a person who positively influences everyone,” and that his “modesty, simplicity, character, and human quality make him the most ideal person to be named person of the year.”

According to Time’s website, the person of the year designation is the result of editors who have “selected[ed] the individual or group with the most profound impact on our world over the past year for better or for worse.”

Those who’ve had the honor in the past include Mark Zuckerberg in 2010, Barack Obama in 2008, and Pope Francis in 2013. 

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