(KRON) — Starting this fall, some locations of this fast food giant will look a little different. Wendy’s announced this week it will rebrand its traditional restaurant design with a more “sleek and modern” design for a number of its more than 6,500 locations nationwide.

Some of the restaurant’s new improvements will put more emphasis on convenience and efficiency through technology. Wendy’s says the changes will make it easier for delivery services to pick up orders and those who want to order online.

Wendy’s will open the first of its new redesigned restaurants called Global Next Gen. The first of its kind will open in New Albany, Ohio in Spring 2023.

Wendy’s announced five main changes to its Global Next Gen restaurants:

  • Delivery Pick-Up Window: Instead of delivery service drivers needing to enter the restaurant, they will have a dedicated delivery pick-up window and a parking spot for them to pick up the order.
  • Dedicated Mobile Order Pickup: The restaurant will have parking specifically for mobile orders and a pick-up section inside.
  • Reimagined Kitchen: The company said the new gallery-style kitchen will support faster order fulfillment.
  • Next-Generation Technology: Wendy’s said they will make changes to handle “significantly more” digital business than before.
  • Optimized Infrastructure in the new restaurants will look to use more efficient building elements that look to decrease energy usage and costs.

Wendy’s posted photos of what the Global Next Gen locations will look like:

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According to Google Maps, there are 19 Wendy’s locations across the Bay Area.