(CNN) — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it’s testing several people in the U.S. for the Wuhan coronavirus.

The virus has killed 17 people and sickened more than 500 others, most of them in China.

On Tuesday, the CDC announced the first case of the Wuhan Coronavirus in the U.S.

It’s a man in his 30s who lives in Washington.

The CDC says it’s received specimens for testing from several people in the U.S.

They have traveled to Wuhan, China or they’ve had close contact with someone who may have the virus.

The virus was first identified in Wuhan in mid-December.

The strain has been linked to a market in the city that was selling seafood and live animals.

In addition to China and the U.S., cases have also been reported in South Korea, Thailand and Japan along with suspected cases in Australia.