SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — People can now find COVID-19 vaccine appointments using Facebook.

The company said it has partnered with Boston Children’s Hospital to create the ‘Vaccine Finder’ tool. It allows users to search and make COVID-19 vaccine appointment — right from the Facebook News Feed.

It is part of a global goal to help vaccinate 50 million people, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Monday.

A Carnegie Mellon and Facebook survey found that 93% of Bay Area residents would get the COVID-19 vaccine if it was offered to them. However, the company said at this time the tools will be available to those who are currently eligible under California’s requirements.

It will use insights from the user’s profile to determine this, such as: age, location, occupation.

So if you are a food/agriculture worker, childcare worker or another eligible worker, make sure it’s noted in your profile to get the vaccine tool. Once eligibility expands, the tool will as well.

Starting Monday, California is also opening eligibility to people with certain significant, high-risk medical conditions, disabilities, illness, living spaces, or work environments that put them at higher risk for serious COVID-19 illness.

Along with the Vaccine Finder, Facebook says it is “taking additional steps to promote reliable information about the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Their COVID Information Center is available on both Facebook and Instagram.

The company is also bringing one more tool to another one of its platforms: Whatsapp.

Facebook will help health officials and governments use their WhatsApp chatbots to help people register for the COVID-19 vaccine, Zuckerberg said.