Florida man accused of cheating tolls with license plate blocking device


A 70-year-old Florida man is facing charges for allegedly installing a device on his car that hides his license plate.

A Florida Highway Patrol officer spotted the device Saturday while driving down the Florida Turnpike, WPLG reported.

“When I first saw the car, the tag shield was covering the tag. And that’s what alerted me to it,” said Lieutenant Alejandro Camacho. “I knew I saw something going on!”

The highway patrol had seen the van in videos on social media. People have been sending the agency tips about the vehicle for the last year and a half.

“I kind of realized thats the guy and I had to call it in. And then Troopers came and stopped him and made an arrest,” said Camacho.

Troopers found the remote that was used to control the device as well as a Sunpass transponder in the glove compartment. Camacho said it was found in a signal-blocking bag.

Robert Davis, 70, is charged with two felonies, organized fraud and cheating, and misdemeanor petit theft.

Police are still investigating to determine if he was just using the device to avoid tolls or if there was any other criminal activity involved.



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