Florida man gets $980K tax refund, feds say he shouldn’t have

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FILE- This Feb. 1, 2018, file photo shows an IRS W-4 form in New York. President Donald Trump’s federal tax overhaul is a short-term boon for most states, but one is set to miss out entirely: Oregon. Instead of a bonus, Oregon faces a loss of $217 million in the two years after the overhaul […]

A Florida man received a huge IRS refund by falsely claiming he paid $1 million in taxes, authorities said Friday.

According to NBC News, the IRS has recouped much of the $980,000 refund from Tampa resident Ramon Blanchett, who prosecutors said lied on his 2016 tax return.

Blanchett reported an $18,497 income of that year according to an asset forfeiture complaint filed last month by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Tampa.

However, in that same return, Blanchett reported $1,000,000 had been held which resulted in the $980,000 refund check.

Court documents show Blanchett spent nearly $50,000 on a Lexus which has since been seized along with three bank accounts worth over $900,000 according to NBC News.



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