(KRON) — KRON4 spoke with a former school administrator who was there at the time of the Sandy Hook school shooting, on what he thinks should be done to stop mass shootings.

Cody McCubin, is the former secretary on the board of education in Newtown, CT. He went to four funerals in one day after the shooting in December 2012 left 26 people dead at Sandy Hook Elementary.

“What’s a realistic solution, and that’s start putting these people who are mentally ill away,” McCubin said.

He feels the solution to stopping mass shootings is to build more mental institutions.

“Why did we not have these problems in the 50s or 60s, we had mental intuitions, all of a sudden after the 80s we had major crimes of mass murder because we have an incredible amount of insane people roam the streets,” McCubin said.

McCubin says he doesn’t think taking action on gun laws are a realistic solution to the problem.

“People want to talk about the guns, but do the math there is 300 to 400 million guns in this country, there is no way,” he added. “They don’t dissolve, they don’t expire, they don’t wear out and there is no political will to start taking people’s guns away.”

McCubin says unfortunately he was not surprised by Tuesday’s shooting in Uvalde and the worst is yet to come.

“The grieving process is going to be painful, going to be long and hard,” he said.

But he says in order to stop mass shootings, we have to address the mental illness in this country.

“We’ve ignored the major underline issue these people are not capable of operating in a world that the rest of us do.”