Police are investigating a disturbing case of child endangerment in Nw York. 

It’s not clear how it happened, but a group of toddlers ended up with crack cocaine in their hands at a daycare center last week. 

“Had my daughter ingested the capsule and not spit it out, I would be planning a funeral,” said mother Sabrina Straker. 

Little Serenity is alive and well but her mother says her 4-year-old could have died. 

“Luckily because she spit it, out she’s still here,” Straker said. 

Straker is talking about the small capsules filled with crack cocaine. 

Serenity says another child gave them to her on Friday while the kids were playing together at Little Inventors Daycare in the Bronx. 

When Serenity arrived home that evening, at first, she shows her mother one capsule. 

“Inside was something small and white, which she described as a tooth – looked like rocks, or pebbles. Then I was curious,” said Straker. 

Then Serenity pulls out more. 

“She comes back, ‘well Mommy, I have a lot of his teeth,’ so then I have a third capsule.”

That’s when this mother went straight to police. 

“This can’t be what I’m thinking it is, because how could that be in a pre- school?”

Police confirming what this mother suspected. 

Officers at the 46th precinct immediately ran a test. 

“Low and behold whatever this test kit is, it was blue and he said, ‘this is what it is. That’s what that means. This is crack cocaine.’ I said ‘What? Come again? No, I didn’t just hear that.'”

Serenity was then rushed to a local hospital. 

 “She couldn’t sit down, she was beyond bouncy, very loquacious, just all over the place, literally, talking to herself, looking in the mirror, saying she sees three of herself. Once they did the urine test it came back positive that she had cocaine in her system.”

We tried to get answers to how drugs can end in the hands of children at this daycare center. 

The director Yvette Joseph believes…

“Whatever it was we think the person threw it over the fence to get rid of it,” said Joseph. 

But police say one child passed these capsules around like candy and are looking at this as endangering the welfare of a child. 

“We did a thorough check. The children are fine. We called the parents,” Joseph said. 

Serenity’s mom wants more, including answers to how drugs ended up in a place like this. 

“I want the school to be shut down. I don’t feel it’s safe for anybody’s child. If they can’t keep eyes on them, the don’t need to be in their care, because this is something very serious.”

Police are continuing their investigation into how the drugs ended up at the daycare center in the first place.