Girl leaves nice notes in every student’s locker


MILTON, MA (CNN NEWSOURCE) – A random act of kindness is sticking with every student at one Massachusetts school. 

It started when a teacher asked her class what they wanted their classmates to remember them for when they graduate.

In the hallways of Saint Agatha in Milton, the middle school kids are still buzzing about what 13-year-old Jess LaFlamme did.

Though in her defense, her teacher started it.

“Well, in my religion class my teacher Miss Perez gave us an assignment to write about what we want our legacy to be when we leave this school,” Jess LaFlamme said.

Miss Perez had no idea what she was touching off.

“I thought I’d get two quick paragraphs and that would be it,” Miss Perez said.

Instead, she got a sticky situation. 

Jess decided her legacy would be sticky notes.

“I put a sticky note saying two nice things about everyone in the middle school in their lockers,” Jess said.

While her classmates were at an assembly, Jess popped from locker to locker leaving dozens of the sweetest messages. Personalized post-its. All anonymous.

“Everyone at the school has different talents. Some people at the school are good at art so I’d say you are an amazing artist,” Jess said.

A couple of weeks later, classmates still hold tight to the tiny squares of positivity.

“You are pretty and very smart.”

“You are gorgeous and an amazing friend.”

“You always make people laugh and you are a great friend.”

“You are nice and funny.”

“You are so nice and make everyone laugh.”

“You are gorgeous and very funny.”

“You are so sweet and funny.”

Jess’ proud parents were not surprised.

“She always has a smile on her face and a dance going on. I think we learn more from her than she does from us,” her dad said.

As if the story wasn’t sweet enough, there’s more.

After the kids noticed Jess’ sticky note surprise, they turned into amateur detectives, they just needed to know who did this.

Jess wouldn’t confess.

“By process of elimination they figured it out and what happened the next day I would never be able to fathom,” Miss Perez said.

“I was going to write her note but then thought everyone should since she does everything for everyone,” classmate Ava said.

Ava Boyle got dozens of kids to write all these notes to Jess.

“We just wanted to do something nice for her so she could feel excited the way we felt,” classmate David said. 

Jess’s classmates pulled off the kindest form of revenge.

“Everyone was standing around my locker and I was like “ok” and then I opened it and it was amazing,” Jess said.

“It was on the door on the inside, it was everywhere and she was overcome with emotion,” Miss Perez said.

“I cried, I was very overwhelmed,” Jess said.

At Saint Agatha kindness is so in right now thanks to the girl who started off the school year on the right note.

“You’re very pretty. Don’t be afraid to be yourself,” Jess read. 

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