TULSA, Okla. (WJRH/CNN) – Carson Carlock scours the internet.

“I go through the free part of Craigslist pretty often, just looking for stuff, because sometimes people give away stuff for free.”

But the latest ad to flash across his screen – not something for sale.

“I saw that post.. and I was like, you know that’s really sad.”

A post titled, “Anybody need a grandma for Christmas?”

“She said, I cook, and I’ll cook dinner and I’ll even bring gifts for the kids, I just don’t want to be alone because it hurts.”

The ad ends with “let me be a part of your family” – a plea that tore at Carson’s heart, reminding him of his own mother.

“You know, that really broke my heart reading that because my mom was alone on her last Christmas.”

It’s a thought still haunting Carson today.

His mother Gail was diagnosed with stage four cancer last year.

“She went to church a lot, she loved her grandkids.”

Gail fell ill quickly, making her unable to travel from Oklahoma City to Tulsa for the holidays.

“She was upset and she was alone, there wasn’t anything I could do.”

It’s a conversation Carson won’t soon forget.

His mother died last year and her memory – one he hopes to keep alive.

“She would want me to be the kind of person to do this for other people.”

Carson saw the “Grandma for Christmas” ad and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to honor his late mother and spread a little holiday cheer.

But before he could reach out, he saw the post marred with hate.

“A lot of people started sending her hateful messages, I understand that everybody can be wary about it, because there’s a lot of bad things happening in the world right now.”

The woman posted an update, thanking everyone for the “extra shot of pain” – the post was then deleted.

Carson decided to act. “I don’t want anyone else to feel that way.”

He made his own Craigslist ad asking the “Grandma needing a family” to reach out so he could help her have a wonderful Christmas.

His ad had 2,000 shares overnight and counting, thousands of people across the country coming to “grandma’s” defense and ready to welcome her into their home.

 “I just want you to know that you aren’t alone…If you find yourself wanting to be a part of a family on Christmas, just reach out.”

Carson was able to reach the grandma in question through email on Craigslist.

The grandma – whose first name is Carrie – wrote she’s now reluctant to join him for the holidays because of the publicity – but he’s hoping she’ll change her mind.

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