Heroic search for missing homeless man struggling with addiction


LAS VEGAS (CNN NEWSOURCE) – A man in Nevada has endeared himself forever to the family of another man struggling with addiction.

Cody Bishop’s mom hadn’t spoken to her son for weeks.

She was concerned and took to Facebook with her story.

One of the many people who saw it was Taylor Powell, who was backpacking across the nation to raise awareness about homelessness.

Taylor made it his mission to find Cody and he succeeded.

“Kind of a miracle that I got him at all. Let alone in three days,” Taylor said. 

It wasn’t easy. Taylor searched tunnels and spent the small amount of cash he had on tips.

It was at Winchester park where Taylor finally got his lead. 

He found a man that looked just like Cody here, and while the man wasn’t him, he said he missed the real Cody just two minutes ago on his bicycle.

“I got back in the vehicle and took off. Well I saw him go in the opposite direction, so I didn’t really realize what I did, I jumped out of her car while it was moving, ran across a busy intersection, and ran him down on foot,” Taylor said.

“I just got in town and everyone is like ‘oh!'” Cody said.

Then the moment Cody’s friends, family, and the internet was waiting for. Cody was found.

“I can’t thank them enough. there’s nothing I could do to ever repay them,” Jennifer said.

Cody’s mom, Jennifer, says her son is doing well in rehab.

She says he wants to help others struggling with drug addiction once he’s out.

Powell says if you take anything away from this story know this: there are other Cody’s on the street who also need our love and compassion.

“I just want to make sure everyone is aware — these are people. These are sons, daughters, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and they have family out there that love them,” Taylor said. 

Cody’s mother now considers Taylor part of the family and says she always will.

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