How an In-N-Out double-double ended up on a New York street


NEW YORK (KRON) – Well, you can stop wondering how on earth an In-N-Out double-double ended up on a street in New York City over the weekend.

In-N-Out fan and California native, Lincoln Boehm, noticed the burger sitting on the street in Queens, New York in perfect condition.

It wasn’t long after Boehm posted the photo of the burger to Instagram that people across the country were working to solve this mystery.

Turns out, a teenage girl brought some burgers back with her from San Diego.

16-year-old Helen Vivas, from Flushing, Queens had gone out to visit family and friends in San Diego for a few weeks.

Boehm explains in a first-person essay on Vice, that Vivas reached out to him on Tuesday night explaining that the burger was hers.

Vivas sent screenshots of her flight confirmation, an Insta-story, and her In-N-Out receipt to prove her story was true.

“She ordered two Double-Doubles with NO SAUCE, which explains how the bun stayed so pristine, as well as two single cheeseburgers “packed fresh” (which means they pack all the vegetables in separate baggies to be constructed later) for her to eat in the coming days,” Boehm described.

This explains how she got the burger to New York, as for how it ended up on Sutphin Boulevard?

Once Vivas landed at JFK, her next stop was to take the Q44 bus in order to get home to Flushing.

Vivas explained to Boehm that the bus was sitting about a block away and preparing to leave which meant she had to run in order to make it.

“She started running down the street to try and catch the bus with the now slightly greasy bag of three In-N-Out Burgers in her hand. The good news: She caught the bus. The bad news: The bag burst open at the bottom while she made this fateful sprint,” Boehm wrote.

Vivas was able to catch two of the burgers before hitting the ground but didn’t realize she had lost the double-double until she was sitting on the bus.

Mystery solved.

Click here to read the full essay from Lincoln Boehm.

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