‘I am smart!’: Elementary school students start day with morning affirmations


ATLANTA, Ga. (KRON) – Elementary school students in Atlanta are starting their school year on the most adorable and encouraging note.

Teacher Cierra Levay Broadway filmed a video showing students shouting out positive affirmations in the mirror.

The video has since gone viral with nearly 58,000 views.

The teacher holding up the mirror, Neffiteria Acker, told TODAY that the idea came from a similar practice that she does with her 5-year-old daughter.

“When we’re on our way to school, I have her repeat affirmations to me, starting with, ‘I am.’ Usually I just ask her to tell me something good about herself.”

“It boosts her confidence. It boosts my confidence as a woman and a mother. So I figured, why not add that into the classroom?” Acker added.

The mirror in the video has a sign on top of it that reads “I am!”

Students stand in line, and one by one shout affirmations like “I am smart!”, “I am a good person!”, and “I am a good sports player!”

The two teachers and students respond back with more encouraging affirmations.

“I had chills listening to them say their affirmations,” Broadway tweeted.

It’s clear that these students are destined for success!

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