(KRON) — 2021 marked the year of the Great Resignation when the nation’s “quit rate” reached a 20-year high last November, according to Pew Research Center. The majority of the workers who quit a job that year cited low pay and lack of opportunities for advancement as the top two reasons.

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One young worker took a similar energy to TikTok, questioning why some managers are making workers take their jobs so seriously. She went on to say this job is not her life.

“This job is not my craft,” said TikToker Lynese who goes by the username @ssharkkbait. “This job just pays my bills. This job is not my life.

“I’m here I do my job. I go the f*** home. What more do you want?”

The video, posted six days ago, has started to slowly buzz on TikTok. It has garnered over 146,000 views, 30,000 likes, 286 comments and 796 shares.

A number of those comments were in support of Lynese’s comments. One comment wrote, “I refuse to be bald and outta shape bc of stress over a job that can’t even pay me enough or treat me equally.”

Another comment wrote in response to the post, “True but at the same time most of us want to claim the corporate ladder so we do the most to get (paid) the most.”

Lynese wrote in reply, “Not me, I don’t want to climb their ladder. I just want to pay my bills and work on what I actually want to do in life.”

Lynese, 21, could be part of the recent Gen Z trend of “quiet quitting.” It means to consciously decide to put less effort into your job. The hope is to avoid burnout and work just hard enough to not get fired.

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