SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Jack in the Box is offering a buy-one-get-one free special for “Thanksgiving Eve,” which the fast food giant isn’t alone in terming “Blackout Wednesday.”

“Thanksgiving is fine, but at Jack in the Box we’re way more excited for Thanksgiving Eve,” a press release stated. “A night of reuniting with all friends to stay up all night reminiscing in your hometown?! Count us in.”

Jack in the Box took the opportunity to announce a deal available in its app. Customers can purchase a Fan Favs Box, and get a second for free.

The Fan Favs Box consists of 13 “tiny tacos,” eight onion rings, one large curly fry, and five churros.

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“That’s a holiday feast in and of itself,” the San Diego-based company stated. “Plus, you get 20% off when you sign up for Jack Pack rewards.”

“Blackout Wednesday,” also called “drinksgiving,” is marked in millennial culture as a time to get together with old friends in one’s hometown the night before the Thanksgiving holiday at a bar or nightclub. Unfortunately, according to The Wall Street Journal it sees more drunken driving in many cities than St. Patrick’s Day or even the New Year’s holiday.