BALTIMORE (KXAN) — We’ve all had that universal experience (and disappointment) of biting into a stuffed burrito or wrap and having the filling gush out.

Some Johns Hopkins University engineering students have made a fix for that. It’s called Tastee Tape.

A team made up of chemical biomolecular engineering students created the adhesive that’s safe to eat, according to the Maryland university.

How does it work?

Johns Hopkins explained the small rectangular strips come affixed to sheets of wax paper — all you have to do is remove one from the sheet, wet it thoroughly to activate the adhesive and stick it on that burrito.

The strip itself is made up of a “food-grade fibrous scaffold and an organic adhesive.”

The team tested several ingredients for months to get it right. One of the students, Tyler Guarino, told Johns Hopkins the ingredients included are common food and dietary additives.

It’s unclear how many burritos the students used during testing.

The creation was featured earlier this week on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Now, the team is working to apply for a patent, Johns Hopkins said.