Judge accused of having sex, drinking in courthouse


COVINGTON, Ky. (CNN) – A stack of nine complaints accuse Judge Dawn Gentry of running an office with sexual affairs, alcohol, lies and revenge.

“She’s worried but she seems to be holding up real well,” her attorney, Stephen Ryan said. “Just talked to her five minutes ago.”

“She has a lot of people coming to her assistance and aid,” Ryan said. “They think she’s a real good judge. So, they contacted me. So that’s good.”

An anonymous person filed the complaint to the judicial conduct commission Nov. 18. In it — text messages, court documents, accusations of having sexual relations with two staff members in the courthouse.

In addition, drinking alcohol in the courthouse, coercing staff to help her with her campaign, retaliating against those who did not support by delaying hearing dates.

It says she held pretrial conference in child abuse cases without all attorneys present.

“They’re very serious charges,” Attorney Richard Goldberg said.

Goldberg works on the bar grievance committee in Cincinnati so he deals with these kinds of cases.

He said the JCC committee of six members will hear each side and decide punishment.

“The sanctions vary,” Goldberg said. “They can be as minor as private reprimand it could be public reprimand it could be a suspension of her duties as a judge for a time period or removal from the bench.”

The judge’s attorney submitted her response to the JCC Monday.

Denying sexual conduct and alcohol, retaliation, admitting some things like asking staff to help with her campaign and says a child did see a confidential proceeding.

“I was on the commission for five years,” Ryan said. “I know we’ll get fairness from the commission and that’s all I’m worried about.”

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