(KRON) – Call it the lighter side of politics. Animal lovers across the country are delighted that the Biden White House will include a rescue dog.

Joe and Jill Biden will be bringing along two German Shepherds.   

One of them, Major, will make history as the first shelter dog in the White House.

Catherine Heenan, host of Inside Bay Area Politics, got reaction from Marin Humane.

“Someone who, like Joe Biden and his wife, who actually fostered Major, the dog first and decided to adopt him after that is really, really a beautiful story, and I think it sets a great example of how you can get wonderful family pets at shelters and you’re really providing a second chance for these dogs. You know, Americans, we love our pets and to see a pet, I heard someone refer to it as DOTUS, Dog of the United States, um, I think really sort of highlights how important pets are and how they’re really a part of our family and like I said, we’re just absolutely thrilled and our supporters are thrilled that there is a dog that’s adopted in the White House, it just sets such a great example,” Lisa Bloch said.

There is a long tradition of pets in the White House.  

Only two administrations did not have any pets — James Polk and President Trump.

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