Man hit by deer while walking through North Carolina parking lot


LOCUST, N.C. (CNN) — It was an incredible scene in the parking lot of a North Carolina McDonald’s — one you have to see to believe. 

A deer comes charging out of nowhere and slams into a man walking to his car and the whole thing was caught on camera.

“It was absolutely nuts,” said retired detective Ken Worthy. “It was  just a bit of brown and then I saw his face — and I was down on the ground. That quick.”

Seriously — a deer hit him in a McDonald’s parking lot in Locust in the middle of the day.

“I mean just see the flash of him rolling over me and in a straight line and he was gone,” he said. 

Worthy is a retired detective.

He’s seen some things, but this caught him off guard.

“I just didn’t expect it at 12:30 in the afternoon leaving a McDonalds,” he said. 

Worthy and his wife went to McDonalds in Locust for lunch last week.

As they were leaving, suddenly an unexpected date crasher.

“We’re walking out with our cokes and [as] usual, you look both ways,” Worthy said. “My wife caught a look, I looked, literally just saw him last second. He collided with me – I was down and then back up. Oh my gosh — I just got hit, looked, saw him and I about doubled over laughing.”

Thankfully he’s fine and so’s his wife and for that, he’s grateful.

“It wasn’t my wife, it wasn’t kids in the parking lot, it could have been worse, we’re very blessed,” he said. 

So the only thing left to do now is laugh.

Especially now that he has the video to prove this incredible story.

“A lot of people we told the story to – they would say, ‘oh you hit a deer with your car?’ No. The deer ran over me in the parking lot,” he said. 

Worthy says despite the eye-catching collision, he didn’t even spill his diet coke.

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