Donation center sold mom’s body to US military for ‘blast testing,’ son says


PHOENIX (CNN) – An Arizona man is upset having learned his mother’s body was sold to the military for “blast testing.”

And he’s one of many families who gave the bodies of loved ones to the Biological Resource Center, with the understanding their bodies would be used for scientific purposes.

But years later, he found out that wasn’t what happened.

There are dozens of families who still don’t know what happened to bodies of the loved ones they donated to the Biological Resource Center.

Jim Stauffer does know, but he almost wishes he didn’t.

“It makes it hard to reminisce in a joyful way,” he said of his mother Doris.

Stauffer donated his mother’s body in 2013 after she battled Alzheimer’s.

He trusted the Biological Resource Center to get her brain to neurologists who could learn more about the disease.

“And I think that that trust is what they fed on,” he added.

Years later, Stauffer says he found out what really happened.

His mom’s body, according to Reuters, was sold to the U.S. military.

“She was then supposedly strapped in a chair on some sort of apparatus, and a detonation took place underneath her to basically kind of get an idea of what the human body goes through when a vehicle is hit by an IED. Every time I dream about my mom, I told you she was a quiet person, this person in my dream was angry,” he said.

Today the inside of Stauffer’s home is unchanged.

Memories of Doris and the things she loved, still on display including a small box filled with the only 6 ounces of her ashes her son got back.

“He stole a lot more than my mom’s body…every time there’s a memory, every time there’s a photograph you look at there’s this ugly thing that happened just right there staring right at you. She will never be forgotten here,” he said.

Stauffer is suing the Biological Resource Center.

BRC owner Stephen Gore was sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to running an illegal enterprise in 2015.

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