Man pays for military members to fly home for holidays


CARY, N.C. (CNN NEWSOURCE) – Ed Roshitsh wanted to do something nice for service members for the holidays and he decided to make this offer on LinkedIn.

“I’ll personally pay to fly five random service members home,” Ed Roshitsh said.

That was Saturday around noon. He waited and waited.

“Military people don’t get paid a lot especially enlisted. I think an E1 might make $15000 a year. And so to travel home is a real hardship,” Roshitsh said.

18 hours went by – Nothing and then on Sunday, it took off.

“I originally thought this is five names I’ll be done by Sunday night, I won’t have to do anything. And an email comes in another email comes in, another email comes in,” Roshitsh said.

Roshitsh says about 60 service members from around the world have applied for the help but perhaps what’s more surprising, people have been stepping up and offering to pay for their flights home. 

The names of the service members who apply go onto a slip of paper, Roshitsh picks them out of a hat.

“Right before you guys got here we had another name pop up for a donor so we actually draw if you want? Yeah, that would be great. Want to do it? Let’s do it!” Roshitsh said.

I selected a service member named Sarah and behind each is a story. One Roshitsh knows well.

“Her dad is sick and they didn’t know if they’d be able to get home for the holidays and so she had no other way and so she threw her name in a hat,” Roshitsh said.

Not exactly a high tech process for the owner of a software company named Dude Solutions. 

Roshitsh says he never expected what this has become.

“As long as the donations keep trickling in, I’ll keep drawing names,” Roshitsh said.

He’s hoping to help every service member in that hat.

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