ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI/KPLR) – Concern over the coronavirus rises as more possible cases are reported in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties.

The rock group Pearl Jam has postponed the first leg of their tour including their show in St Louis.

An employee for Bayer is being tested after potential exposure.

The company also announced it will close until further notice to limit the possibility of more infections.

Two schools have closed for the week.

Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill after possible exposure during a school dance.

Also, four people in St. Charles County are being tested after traveling and returning to the area.

St. Louis County authorities say they received at least 375 phone calls just for questions and concerned residents about the coronavirus.

“A quarantine is serious and we need to respect it and understand that this is the first case we are dealing with community,” said Sam Page, St. Louis County Executive.

St. Louis County leaders speaking out Monday as it continues to deal with the one presumed positive case of the coronavirus, saying the family broke quarantine which the family disagrees.

“Our professional county health do this every day, this is the first time that we heard that someone did not hear this clearly but at this point, it’s time to move forward” said Page.

As a result, two schools have closed.

Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill school administrators learned that the woman presumably infected with the coronavirus is the older sister of a Villa Duchesne student.

Reportedly the father of the family under quarantine attended a father-daughter school dance Saturday night at the Ritz Carlton in Clayton.

County leaders say the family was asked to self-quarantine after a young woman called the county’s health hotline and told them her symptoms.

The family tells the school the father and daughter didn’t learn of the diagnosis until after they were already at the dance. They left the dance immediately after being informed.

The family attorney of the young St. Louis County woman with what is still the only presumably confirmed coronavirus case in our area says they were not told to quarantine.

The family Attorney went on to say they take strong issue with the idea that they were somehow told to quarantine. They have phone calls that refute all allegations that the family violated quarantine.

“They are in the house, they are locked in on their own Saturday night,” said Attorney Neil Bruntrager.

During Monday’s news conference St. Louis County Executive Sam Page says the family had been issued the quarantine and the county will be reviewing its quarantine policies and procedures because of the breach.

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