Menstrual-themed cocktail causing controversy at Ohio bar


Thousands of bars hope to catch on big with new drink inventions, but one Ohio establishment has found a way to stand out with their latest cocktail, which is served with a tampon inside WJW reported.

“We have tequila, triple sec, a random flavor of Truly, and then we have the berries,” said Yuzu bartender Sarah Krueger. 

Krueger likes to get creative when it comes to cocktails and her latest creation called “even can’t literally” is no exception. 

Although the popular establishment is drawing large crowds, it is also drawing fire from people on social media at her latest creation called “even can’t literally.” 

The drink is berry margarita that embodies the menstrual cycle, complete with a tampon applicator garnish.

“I’ve definitely seen offensive, crass disgusting, and I’ve seen most of these posts by women, saying ‘I can’t believe you would do something like this,’ which I find a little bit disheartening almost because it seems like you are ashamed of something your body does naturally,” Krueger said. 

“It’s your right to be offended, that’s fine,” said one Yuzu customer. 

Krueger said this drink isn’t meant to shock or disgust people, but to get them talking about women’s health. 

A dollar from every purchase will go to the local domestic violence and child advocacy center in Cleveland. 

“We also decided that if someone doesn’t want the actual tampon in their drink, they can donate that tampon as well. They can get the drink and say ‘donate the tampon we just want the drink’ and we’ll still donate the dollar to the women’s shelter,” said Krueger. 

Most bar patrons found no problem with the new cocktail. 

“It doesn’t bother me one bit. Why should it? It’s not going to ruin my day,” said another customer. 

“I see where people think it’s kind of offensive, but I don’t take offense, personally,” another customer said. 

But social media was a different story as hundreds voice their frustrations on the bar’s Facebook page saying things like, “this is revolting. I met my boyfriend here and hoped that we could have an anniversary celebration here. But after the fentanyl stunt and now this, i can only hope you get run out of business.” 

But not all the feedback is bad as another poster says, “round of applause, Yuzu! I didn’t think it was possible, but you guys took a charitable cause for women and still managed to degrade female bodily functions and mock female vernacular with the drink name.” 

The bar’s owner Dave Bumba said some people even complained to the health department. However, he said he spoke with them and everything is fine. 

He also added, if this controversial drink gets more help and attention for local shelters, he’s all for it. 

“I think that maybe some people obviously know that women’s shelters need tampons, but I think a lot of people might not have even known that that’s a thing that’s common to donate. So this is kind of like a small association to help bring awareness,” Bumba said. 

Yuzu also got plenty of backlash in February when it posted a picture showing a bag full of fentanyl pills on its Instagram account. The picture contained a satire of the Captain Crunch “Oops! All Berries” cereal with a picture of the character saying “brunch” and the words, “Oops! All Fentanyl” underneath it.

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