WASHINGTON, D.C. (KRON) — Vice President Mike Pence has cancelled all events scheduled Friday in Indiana, according to the AP White House reporter Jonathan Lemire.

Pence is currently in Arizona for his latest campaign stop. He was supposed to hold a rally in Peoria later Thursday.

However, the vice president is reportedly heading back to D.C.

VP Press Secretary Devin O’Malley released a statement regarding the sudden schedule change.

“Nobody’s sick. There’s no positive tests,” he wrote. “The VP is planning on travelling on Saturday and Monday. We’ll have more information on the vice president’s schedule next week soon.”

This comes just one day after the Vice Presidential Debate in Salt Lake City.

Less than two weeks ago, an unmasked Pence attended the now infamous White House Rose Garden ceremony that is widely suspected to be the coronavirus “superspreader” event that infected at least eight attendees, including Trump himself.

Pence and Harris were separated by plexiglass during the debate and were exactly 12.25 feet apart.

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