Mollie Tibbetts’ father looks for answers in daughter’s disappearance


BROOKLYN – Mollie Tibbetts’ family and friends have spent the past two weeks looking for any clues about where she could be.

Mollie’s mom and brothers live in Brooklyn, but she’s originally from California.

Her dad lives in Fresno now, and this week, he’s back in Iowa helping to find his daughter.

“I know that somebody knows something. There is absolutely no way in a community like Brooklyn that somebody didn’t see or know something,” Rob Tibbetts, Mollie’s father says.

“It’s encouraging that people are aware of it, and that they are trying to show their concern, but what we need now is for people to go to that tip line and with whatever small, insignificant piece of information that they might have, even a sense of something that was just a little bit wrong, they need to call,” he says.

Since Mollie’s disappearance, investigators have followed up on hundreds of tips and conducted just as many interviews.

Rob isn’t giving up hope, even though all their leads so far have turned up empty.

“I wouldn’t say anything…I would just hold her. Just come home pie, we miss you,” Rob says.

Friends say Mollie had been planning to travel to the Dominican Republic this week for a wedding.

Blake Jack says his brother Dalton and Mollie were supposed to be there when he married his fiancee, Aimee Houghton. He says he joked with his brother that he should propose to Millie, his longtime girlfriend, during the trip.

Blake Jack says the cancelled wedding plans are nothing compared to what the town is going through. He’s urging anyone with information that may be relevant to Mollie’s disappearance to report it to authorities.



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