Mom charged with murder in kids’ hanging deaths


ALBANY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CNN) – A Pennsylvania woman is charged with murder in the hanging deaths of her young son and daughter.

She allegedly used the internet to help her plan and carry out the crime.

A mother has been accused of killing her two children — 8-year-old Conner and 4-year-old Brinley Snyder — and trying to frame it as a murder-suicide.

“It all hits us in the heart,” Berks County DA John Adams said.

State police said 36-year-old Lisa Snyder told them Conner was being bullied at school and wanted to die, but was scared to commit suicide alone.

But documents say Conner ‘never expressed that he was bullied or suicidal.’

“It would be safe to say that we immediately had questions,” Adams said.

Court documents reveal Lisa Snyder’s chilling internet search history just days before the kids were found hanging by a heavy duty dog lead in their basement.

Police say Lisa Snyder searched the phrases, “carbon monoxide in a car how long to die,” “almost got away with it” and “I almost got away with it best episodes,” “hanging yourself” and “does a hybrid car produce carbon monoxide while idling.”

Adams said Lisa Snyder also visited a hanging instructional website.

“The narrative describes an effective way of hanging a person using a short drop-simple suspension,” Adams said.

During the course of their investigation, authorities say they found Snyder was sending sexually explicit images of her with her dog to another person.

Adams said those images were sent a few weeks prior to the killings, but couldn’t comment on any connection that had to the murders.

The next court date for Snyder has not yet been set.

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