Mysterious explosions.

Neighbors in North Phoenix say that ever since October, they’ve been hearing loud booms.

The Phoenix police bomb squad is investigating.

But people are afraid someone is going to get hurt.

“It’s a quiet, working-class neighborhood,” neighbor Adam Sanchez said.

But recently, that calm has been disturbed.

“Something bomb-related going off in the neighborhood,” Sanchez said.

A security camera near 35th Avenue and West Muriel Drive caught one of those blasts.

“We didn’t get the exact explosion, but all you can see is rocks hailing down on my dad’s truck,” neighbor Tyler Grisham said. “And it seems like it came from over the fence over there, but I guess the crater’s right in front of the fence.”

Talk of loud booms has blown up on the local Nextdoor app.

One was even reported on Tuesday afternoon.

And Phoenix police says they’re investigating this string of mysterious explosions.

Since October, The bomb squad has collected evidence in the area of 43rd Avenue to 27th Avenue and from West Greenway Road to Union Hills Drive.

“Usually, you hear them late at night,” Grisham said. “It’s not during the day.

And for the past month, neighbors say they’ve become common.

“Anywhere between one-to-two a night,” Sanchez said.

So far no one has been injured by whatever is causing the blasts but some worry it’ll only be a matter of time.