DES MOINES, IA (WCMH) – As central Iowa communities continue to mourn the loss of Mollie Tibbetts, an out-of-state neo-Nazi group is flooding the phone lines with robocalls to push a racist message.

 “She was stabbed in the back by an invader from Mexico,” the one-and-a-half minute call says, according to KCCI. The call begins with referencing Tibbetts’ death, allegedly at the hands of an undocumented immigrant.

The call then takes a more disturbing turn, calling for the annihilation of all 58 million Latinos living in the United States.

“Refound America as whites only and get rid of them now. Every last one,” the call says.

According to KCCI, Road to Power, a neo-Nazi group that produces a self-described video podcast for white nationalists, has claimed responsibility for the calls. NBC News reports the group has been behind robocalls in other states, including one impersonating Andrew Gillum, a Democrat running to be Florida’s first black governor, and one that hit Charlottesville, Virginia last year after the deadly Unite the Right rally.

Since Tibbetts’ murder, the Latino community in central Iowa is on edge and has even canceled events celebrating their heritage.

“We had young people last week who were confronted even walking in parks,” said Joe Henry, a leader in the local Latino community.   He’s afraid the robocalls may inspire individuals to commit acts of violence.

“This takes us back 50 to 60 years,” he said. “This takes us back to lynchings, blaming a whole community.”