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New Hampshire woman in coronavirus coma gives birth


LEBANON, N.H. (CNN) — A baby is still in the hospital after being born while her mother was in a coma.

Her mom fell ill with coronavirus and went into a coma.

Three weeks later, she woke up — to meet her new daughter.

“I’m like, wow, this is amazing. I’m thankful that I’m alive,” Rocio Casalduc said.

And Casalduc is also thankful her newborn daughter, Victoria, is alive.

When the 20-year-old from Nashua developed a dry cough during her second pregnancy, she went to the hospital where she was tested for COVID-19.

“I was COVID-positive, and that’s when I just. I don’t know. I just dropped,” she said. “I couldn’t even think I was so nervous.”

Rocio says she answered some difficult questions.

“If I had to choose between me and my daughter’s life, who would I choose? And, that’s when — I don’t even know. I just started to cry.”

Rocio says she asked doctors to save her baby’s life before she was incubated and went into a coma – for three weeks.

She woke up at Dartmouth Hitchcock medical center in Lebanon and learned she had given birth to little Victoria about three months early.

And that her family – her mother, sister, boyfriend and baby son – all had COVID too and all recovered.

Now baby Victoria – still in the hospital – needs a little more time, but she’s on the path to recovery.

“I just told them I’m like, I’m not not to going to let her leave so soon. We’re going to fight. She’s a fighter just like me,” Casalduc said. “Up to this day today, she’s still fighting. she’s still a little sick, but she’s like me: she’s a fighter.”

The CDC says pregnant women have the same mortality rate as their non-pregnant counterparts if they get COVID-19.

But, it cites a study showing they’re more likely to require hospitalization.

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