Her owners didn’t want her because Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare said they were afraid of her. Now the word of the euthanization of a pit bull and her puppies has angered some people on Facebook.

It’s an incident that happened early last month in Texas, but started circulating last night after Dacia Anderson’s Facebook post went viral. 

In the post, the Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare volunteer details events she said took place before the dog and her pups were euthanized. 

We spoke to the Richard Havens, the Director of AAMW, on why they said they made what they call an unfortunate but necessary decision and why Anderson is calling the action “horrific.” 

“This is something I’ve been struggling with for three weeks and it was something that really bothered me,” said Anderson.

G7 is where Dacia Anderson said she crossed paths with this pregnant pit bull.

“So I actually went into the kennel with the dog and photographed her and when I came out I noted they had bands on her kennels and so I noted that she was an owner surrender the previous day so her owners had actually surrender her to the shelter,” said Anderson. 

There are two sides to every story.

Havens said the dog was reported to be aggressive by the owner.

“The owner of the dog in question contacted 911 to state they had a vicious animal that was there’s. We responded after hours we took the animal into custody and then the following morning we ended up euthanizing it due to the nature of the call and the behaviors the animal exhibited,” said Havens.

Anderson said otherwise.

“She had no markings on her kennel that she was aggressive whatsoever, so to say she was aggressive to me is putting a spin on something that’s a narrative. If she was aggressive she should have been marked at such she should have been in the appropriate facility,” said Anderson.

Later on, she said she noticed the pit bull was in labor and had given birth to one puppy. Anderson said she alerted staff of what happened who then immediately took over from there. 

Havens said the dog and her puppies were euthanized. 

“It’s unfortunate this had to happen, but it was the right call,” said Havens.

“She was not euthanized before she went into labor, she was not euthanized after, she was euthanized as she was delivering puppies. So aggressive or not, I don’t know where you can excuse this or say this is why we did it.”

Havens said it was a matter of public safety because this dog was not an adoption or foster candidate.

Havens said part of being a responsible animal owner is making sure your animal is socialized as well as being spayed or neutered. 

He said if this pet’s owner had done this, none of this would have happened. 

Anderson told us she’s no longer a volunteer at AMW.