Parent claims worms found in Pop-Tart


FLINT, MI (CNN NEWSOURCE) – “We immediately went into damage control and we took all the pop tarts and we didn’t serve anymore,” Corey Black said. 

Mealworms, found in the packaging of a student’s Pop-Tart.

A parent found the critters while having breakfast with their kindergartner, at the New Standard Academy in Flint. 

That parent shared the incident to social media.

Principal Corey Black says the school took immediate action, checking other food items and contacting the distributor.

“On their way up to get everything, get the food and check the batches and the lots and everything and to make sure that there’s no other instances that could possibly spread to other schools,” Black said.

Black says this was the first and only time bugs were reported in the packaging of the school’s food, and he’s not sure how they got there. 

He says the expiration on the packages says January of 2020, but despite it all, the students are his number one concern.

“Rest assure that I care about every child in my building, I do not play when it comes to my kids and so I am taking every precautionary measure, every safeguard we can put in place to make sure something like this does not happen again,” Black said. 

In a statement, Kellogg, the school’s food distributor apologizes for what the student experienced, and says they are investigating exactly where and how this may have occurred.

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