Photo of young men in KKK hoods, blackface angers Minnesota community


School officials in one town in Minnesota are investigating after a disturbing picture appeared online.

It shows two people wearing KKK hoods and a third person in blackface.

Two of the teens in the photo attend a local high school.

“The only thing that’s scary for me is that my youngest sibling goes to that school, so the fact that he goes into the school with people who are openly displaying a hate crime and are openly racist, it makes me scared for him,” said Jacqueline Kyle, who posted the photo on Facebook.

Along with the photos, Kyle posted screenshots of the students’ profiles, calling John Marshall High School and the Rochester Community to action.

“A lot of people don’t think this would happen in your city, a small city like Rochester, so it’s just to make people aware that racism is very loud,” Kyle said.

People commenting on the post have a mix of emotions, some even dismissing the photo because of the age of the young men, saying racism is learned.

But Kyle says now is the time to make it stop.

“We’re not being heard, so prayers and just, you know, giving a small pat on the wrist like do better next time is not doing anything besides letting them know its OK,” Kyle said.

Philip Rutherford is a father of three young women and one of them attends John Marshall.

“Her reaction was that she was shocked by it,” Rutherford said. “I don’t know if she felt it in the way that I did, but for me, it was unacceptable. Those images are terrifying, and when I see someone riding around in the streets with hoods on, that inflicts fear. So, first of all, we need to address that. That’s a separate subject, but I think it’s an opportunity to discuss what race means.”

Rochester Public Schools Superintendent Michael Munoz says this is a disturbing instance. He went on to tell CNN it can also be a chance to engage with students and learn from this experience.

“We’re going to use this as an opportunity to…a teachable moment with our kids and talk to them about this and use it as a way to talk about that topic and use it as a learning experience for students,” Munoz said.

It’s unclear which two people in the photo currently attend the high school and what makes the incident worse is that apparently, all three teens were army recruits.

But a U.S. Army recruiter says the three people in the photo will no longer continue the process of becoming soldiers, adding that the photo goes against Army values.

And as of right now, the incident is not being investigated as a crime by the local police department.



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