LAS VEGAS (KRON) — Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis has a net worth of at least hundreds of millions of dollars. However, even Davis isn’t too rich to enjoy a fast-food favorite for many living on the West Coast.

Davis, the owner of $5.1 billion-worth Raiders, was seen eating at a Las Vegas In-N-Out, according to a Twitter photo posted on Wednesday. He was seen waiting for his order to dine in the restaurant.

(Photo courtesy of Twitter user @RaiderMckay)

Did Davis order a double-double or animal fries? Well, that is unknown.

Some Raider fans got a kick out of seeing their team’s owner dining in at In-N-Out. As of 6 p.m., the photo posted by Twitter user @RaiderMcKay has over 2,500 likes and 200 retweets.

Davis, 67, is also the owner of the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces who just won the 2022 WNBA Finals last month. The Raiders will travel to Kansas City to take on AFC West-rival Chiefs on Monday.

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In-N-Out’s first location opened in 1948 in Baldwin Park of Los Angeles County. It now has over 300 locations, primarily on the West Coast with its easternmost location in Houston.