Police officers give out candy instead of tickets


BOISE, ID (CNN NEWSOURCE) – A police department in Idaho is hoping to spread a little Christmas cheer along with their safety reminders to drivers.

“It’s very much the spirit of Christmas,” a driver said.

“They can pull me over any time,” another driver said.

Not usually the reaction that comes to mind when you’re being pulled over but it’s also not your usual result, either.

“In place of speeding ticket what Boise Police Department is doing is we’re giving out chocolate bars because it’s close to Christmas,”  a police officer said. 

Two chocolate bars alongside a safety message for minor violations.

“Keep in mind it’s a 35 zone,” the officer said. 

They call it a reward fine.

“The fine is you have to pay the other one forward to someone you think could use one. Fair enough,” said the officer. “It’s really from most of them it’s really a feeling of gratitude, sometimes emotional. We see a lot of emotional responses.”

“It’s hard, it’s Christmas so finances are kind of tight so to have this kind of fine is really awesome,” a driver said. 

The holidays don’t exempt drivers from following the rules but it lets Boise police spread cheer along with a reminder.

“That positive interaction we have with them is an opportunity for us to help educate them on being aware of their driving and being safe drivers,” the officer said. 

After Christmas, it’s back to the real deal, but BPD hopes the message they’re trying to spread lasts longer than the chocolate shelf life.

“Whether it’s folks that get pulled over by us or maybe you’ve heard about it or maybe watching this story on the news, we just encourage those folks to slow down, so take that extra time get to where you’re headed safely and enjoy the holidays,” the officer said. 

In case you were wondering the message on the candy bars reads: “This holiday season, Boise Police Department is letting drivers know that even one empty seat at the table is too many.”

They want to remind everyone to buckle up, take it slow, and never drink and drive.

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