Record-setting roller coaster takes first test run at New Jersey Six Flags


A triple record-breaking roller-coaster took its first full test run at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey on May 20.

The amusement park’s new 13-story ride, dubbed the Jersey Devil, is claimed to be the world’s tallest, fastest, and longest single-rail coaster, moving at speeds up to 58 mph over 3,000 feet of track, the park said in a statement to Storyful.

Experts are utilizing “water people” to simulate human weight during load testing for the ride, according to Six Flags.

Drone footage and point-of-view video captured by a camera attached to a water person nicknamed “Mother Leeds” shows the coaster’s 87-degree first drop and three inversions, including a 180-degree stall, raven dive, and zero-gravity roll.

According to the park, New Jersey legend says that Mother Leeds cursed her 13th child, which transformed into a flying beast that has tormented the New Jersey Pine Barrens, where the park is located, for hundreds of years.

Six Flags is expected to announce an opening date for the Jersey Devil after ride testing, inspections, and state certification are completed.

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