Reddick: Astros players receive death threats ‘every day’ following cheating scandal


HOUSTON, TEXAS – OCTOBER 29: Josh Reddick #22 of the Houston Astros reacts after striking out against the Washington Nationals during the third inning in Game Six of the 2019 World Series at Minute Maid Park on October 29, 2019 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

HOUSTON (KRON) — Houston Astros’ outfielder Josh Reddick told reporters Friday that he and his teammates receive death threats every day following the team’s sign-stealing scandal.

Reddick, who did not take part in the trash can banging scheme, said the threats have gone so far to even threaten his family.

“Every day, we get them every day. Whether it’s social media, private messages,” he said. “I know a lot of guys are fearful to even put anything out on social media because every response is going to be obviously the cheater comments.”

Major League Baseball released findings of the investigation in early January that concluded the Astros used a center-field monitor for real-time video of catchers’ signs and subsequently banged a trash can to alert their hitters of incoming pitches.

Several players throughout the league have gone public to express their frustrations with the Astros organization.

And it doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon.

But Reddick said attacking families is going too far.

“People take it way too far with death threats. Not only myself, my wife my kids,” he said. “It’s way out of hand to where it’s getting a little crazy so it makes you really wonder whether going to some places where it could be very dangerous outside of the ball park to even bring your family. It’s definitely devastating to see how people are reacting to this.”

He said the threats coming his way have solely been through social media, but he fears that no matter what he posts — he won’t be able to escape the cheating comments. On Twitter, Reddick said he blocked his messages from anybody that he doesn’t follow.

But on Instagram, where he says he can’t filter the hate, Reddick shares lots of photos of his family. And since the scandal came to light, the negative comments continuously pour in.

“I put a post of my kid rolling over for the first time and I look down there and I see ‘I hope your kid gets cancer’. It makes me really want to see that person in person,” he said. “It really makes you want to go up to them and see what they would do when you put your face to their face. It pisses you off.”

Reddick said people have threatened to kill his family and kids. He said it’s upsetting the threats have gone that far over a game.

“You don’t even have to open a message nowadays, you just see it first thing on your suggested boxes and it just says ‘I will kill your family’, ‘I will kill your kids’ it’s really depressing to read,” he said. “Because this is over a game of baseball, it’s not worth that kind of drastic measure.”

The 33-year-old claims that his teammates have also received threats.

“I’m not the only one,” he said. “I’ve heard it from several of these guys in here that they’re getting the same kind of comments on their stuff. Sometimes it’s not even messages.

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