Reform campaign says police violence could be cut down if use-of-force policies added


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — A national reform campaign says police violence could be drastically cut down — if police departments added eight policies.

The Campaign Zero organization is the group behind the “8-Can’t-Wait” policy reform campaign. 

KRON4’s Haaziq Madyun spoke to a police use-of-force expert about the recommendations.

If you’re a law enforcement officer working in the state of California, more than likely the foundation of your training came from Donnie Cameron.

“In the last 51 years I have trained 45 to 50 thousand police officers,” Cameron said.

Cameron is a highly renown police use-of-force expert. We wanted to get his thoughts about Campaign Zero’s 8 police use-of-force reform policies called “8 Can’t Wait”. Those policies include banning chokeholds, requiring de-escalation, warning before shooting, exhaust all other means before shooting, duty to intervene, ban on shooting moving vehicles, use of force continuum and comprehensive reporting.

“It’s nothing new,” Cameron said.

In fact, Cameron says officers learn these policies in the academy.

“What they they have in these 8 that you read me are included in a lot of the policies,” he said.

“Reforms are needed at every level,” Rashida Grinage said.

Grinage of Oakland’s Coalition for Police Accountability says the “8 Can’t Wait” police reforms are a good starting point. However to the list of 8 should add:

“How officers are recruited, How they are selected, how they are trained, how they are supervised, how they are disciplined,” Grinage said.

One technique that Cameron says should never be taught is using a knee on the neck on someone being detained.

“The officer uses a technique that nobody teaches. Our 9th circuit already said we don’t use our knees on somebody’s back or upper neck or that area,” Cameron said.

On the “8 Can’t Wait” website, you can look up police departments across the country to check how many are currently using the 8 policies. However in an email, the Richmond Police Department corrects the site’s accuracy after seeing they were listed using only 2 of the 8.

According to RPD’s current use of force policy, all 8 recommendations are covered.

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