Scam targeting Facebook users says they funded terrorist groups, feds warn


Facebook users, beware! 

The Department of Homeland Security wants to make sure you know that scammers are now using Facebook Messenger and other apps to con you into thinking you gave money to ISIS and al-Qaida.

A new warning from DHS’s Office of the Inspector General says scammers are making contact with victims through Facebook’s Messenger app or games such as Words with Friends.

Here’s how the scam works, according to the warning.

Eventually the scammer makes up a story about financial hardship and asks the victim for money.

Once the victim gives money, they receive a phone call a day later from the scammer posing as a law enforcement official, often disguising the caller ID with a legitimate agency such as DHS. 

Officials said the scammer then tells the victim he/she gave money to a “criminal enterprise or terrorist group” such as the Islamic State or al-Qaida and then threatens them with imprisonment. 

The victim is then advised to contact a “lawyer,” who further instructs the victim to pay $1,000 as a retainer, the DHS says. 

Officials are reminding you that legitimate law enforcement callers will never ask you to pay fines over the phone or request money from you. 

You can learn more by reading the warning from DHS here. 

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